Without recognition, Every Sacrifice in life becomes a failure

If a relationship is a building then love, respect, sacrifice etc. are the main building blocks. Loving and caring attitude & giving respect to our beloved ones are very necessary for a long lasting happy relationship. In daily life, things whatever we do is directly or indirectly connected with the path of achieving mental or… Continue reading Without recognition, Every Sacrifice in life becomes a failure

What love is all about

Once a maths teacher came to the class and asked students if A=B, B=C then A=C, give a practical example on this context. A boy replied, its simple madam, I love you, you love your daughter and there is no need to complete the remaining part of that equation. Often romantic relationships can be like… Continue reading What love is all about

Preferences of Life-Need a Change

Parent plays a very vital role in every one’s life. The first environment which we get in our life starts with this two people. They teach us a lot which may help us to survive in our future life. They shares their personal experiences just like what our college’s seniors do for us but they are… Continue reading Preferences of Life-Need a Change