A few tips to students

If you are a student; it doesn’t matter at which standard you are studying or at which year you are perusing your degree, this article is going to be very helpful.

For the last almost 2 years the world is facing pandemic; we all are inside of our homes; all the schools and colleges are closed. Authorities are trying to open the institutions but their concern regarding society’s health issues not letting them do so for a long period. Many of us have lost our close ones, many of us are facing a financial crisis, and many of us or our family members have lost their jobs or facing losses in their businesses.  Meanwhile, many people are still there in the entire world where living accommodation and flooding facilities are taken care of at a very good level. They are even eagerly waiting for when the entire system will start functioning like before the pandemic. Today this article is dedicated to such people especially because their survival is already taken care of and they have sufficient time to develop them, to create themselves, to prepare and invest time into them for the upcoming.

People are started talking about the subjects, the concepts, and the thing which are never taught in the classrooms. Before moving towards, we need to understand today what the basic demands of skills in the school of life over the context of our present society. We need to understand that our basic survival is already taken care of by our parents like food and living accommodation.

The life of the school is first demands; you need to be a good Human Resource Manager. You need to be a good manager of your relations what you have with your close ones like your relatives, friends, guardians, etc. Second, your life will demand from you that you will be a good manager of your finances. Finance management is one more necessity that ensures our survival. And the school of life will demand next from you is you will be a good manager of yourself. All the tasks you are doing at present or you are going to perform in near future is strongly dependent upon how can you manage well your physical and emotional health. The balance between your physical health and your emotional health will make all the other kinds of stuff pretty much easier to execute.

Before you are going to be a good human resource manager, a few things you need to realize. At first, you need to perceive the basic difference between realization and understanding things. The first one takes a little deeper space in your mind than the second one. So, all human beings are different by nature. There are various aspects like their upbringing, their point of view, their present amount of knowledge, their experience, etc. through which every human being is unique. We need to understand this fact and practice it daily so that we can bring neutrality and see the matter as it is whatever happening around us. Philosophies need to be practiced, it is not sufficient by only studying and understanding facts. Philosophies create visions and visions will create personalities; all things are interconnected in nature. One will come by holding the other’s hand. When you start to realize that every human being is different, many things will come to you as a by-product of this practice. You will never be going to take any human being at least for granted.  Whenever you take other people for granted you are trying to tell others how to act as per your own rules, everybody should produce your desired outcome; many of us name these things as expectations. Every human being is different and everybody has the right to express themselves; for that purpose we mostly use language. Maybe their word stock is not as rich as us but all of us have that right to express ourselves.

Talking about the second most important skill which is to be a good manager of own finances. people are there who are talking consistently about not discussing these things in classrooms; though this is true to some extent before proceeding further we need to understand this, teachers are one of the most useful resources in all of our life; it depends to what extent you are going to utilize that resource and how much hunger you have because the need of knowledge is completely yours, you need to learn, it’s your problem that you are facing problems and you need to find out how you can solve your problems; teachers are one of the useful resources in your life having a little bit extra amount of reading and experience which is a kind of obvious thing. Take your teachers as a reference book, as an expert opinion, only then you can focus on the problems more deeply rather than keeping yourself blind at some point. In the school of life, you need to believe only one thing that you shouldn’t believe anything. Whenever you start believing something, from that moment you start concretizing your ideas, your views over some topic which will make you rigid, easy to break, and less dynamic. So, your life is all about believing, and the only belief is you shouldn’t believe anything in your life; this belief will open up many possibilities of knowing and start opening up yourself. Talking about finances and talking about our life we need to understand a few terms regarding our finances, it doesn’t matter you are from which country or belong to which society. Start studying regarding your country’s economy, GDP, over which parameters the term GDP depends, what is stock market, what is speculation in finances, what are mutual funds, what is a bank, how a bank operates, what is an investment, what is a fixed deposit, recurring deposit, how to claim yourself financially stable, what are the parameters. You should find these questions’ answers at the earliest by reading books, reading from the internet or by consulting others. Now, you can ask, being a student why should we invest our valuable time in all this nonsense where it doesn’t contribute to our area of interest. Yes, many of you can indeed find these things completely non-sense but the thing is it is to ensure your basic survival; the importance of money is very easy to understand which allows you today to do what you are willing to do today. Having money is good till it remains in your pocket.  But if it reaches your brain then it will be a massive disaster. So, feeding above the neck will make you a little responsible and will make you understand that management is the thing which brings soundness in life or else everyone has money, everyone has food, there is no need to analyze or understand these aspects of life. In your early stage of life when you understand the value of investment of the resources that you have you will start understanding the compound effect not only in the field of finances, in all the spheres of your life.

Next, to be a good manager of yourself, it is to be understood that our health, our emotions should act as per our own choice, only at that moment we can call ourselves efficient. Your body is the most sophisticated machine and a machine will be called efficient when it follows our instructions and acts accordingly instead of acting and producing results that are never desired. All of us can observe that our emotions, our mental health control us, where it shouldn’t happen. You can observe this by simply from the time when you woke up, I hope you all woke up in the morning; Anyways, the main objective is to be efficient which means your emotions should act accordingly not by anybody else. To achieve this efficiency you should opt for the path of discipline. This is a suggestion and why I am giving this suggestion is, to enjoy freedom in a very true sense discipline will act as an aid, a very useful toolkit. The purpose of your body is to work, as much as you work, you use your body, and your body will work efficiently. As today we are not that much into physical activities, so regular exercise for a couple of minutes daily can bring an extra aid to your life. You all can experience this in terms of the amount of energy you have and the mental state you will go through in your entire day. Not the big things, but doing small things daily can bring the benefits of compounding in your life, in terms of health, finance, or anywhere else you are going to apply. You need to understand this; the fundamental thing is to stay happy from the inner side is the fundamental necessity. You can ask your parents, your well-wishers that what they want or need from you? The very first and the last thing what they need is that they want to see you happy and comfortable all the time. Yes, some can tell you that they need opting any particular job or getting any particular figure salary they need from you but those are the mediums of assurance of your happiness in their terms but the fundamental responsibility of you is to keep yourself in a good and happy state and for that purpose turning into the inner side is the only way. Looking for happiness in others will always make yourself dependent and give you a temporary solution but other people do not have that capability to keep yourself happy and good in every moment of your life. The only person who can keep you in a very good and happy state is only you. Start spending time with this wonderful person who brings all the colors and maintains all the aspects colorful of your life always. To be a good manager of yourself, you need to understand the importance of sound health which will bring a sound mental condition to some extent as a by-product and rest of the other things you can manage efficiently by treating all the people as they are, open yourself to listen and by reading habits, by learning habits you will open possibilities to be in a state where you can be yourself.

In student life, you will always get enough time to invest in yourself and this habit of investing a few minutes in a day on you will make yourself in your coming life a good manager of your resources.

Life consists of all the subjects; it contains science, commerce, and arts as well. The things which are being taught in the educational institutions will make you capable to ensure your survival only to some extent but in the school of life the need for coordination between arts, science, and commerce you can observe strongly. Learning in your early stage of life will make you capable to lead a prosperous and most importantly a happy sound life. you will also learn from your experiences as well but being a wise person in your sixties never improves your quality of life rather it may lead to regret and frustration. Identify your resources and learn to multiply. Till then happy learning, happy investing….

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  1. Wonderful illustration with justification. Additionally, I want to mention that always try to find possibilities and good side in every little things which helps to keep your mind healthy. Be helpful and compassionate rather criticizing each other.

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