Why Social Media Applications becomes an addiction today??

Youths are the greatest asset of every nation. Society is a small block which has a direct impact on the upbringing of a human. In this 21st century, if you ask any youth of any country, the maximum number of people is afraid of loneliness and it’s quite natural. Human is a social animal. We love to live together, enjoy together, and stay together. We the most intelligent creature throughout the globe love to share our thoughts, work and most important our emotions. 


But in the 21st century, we are busy enough in our part-time and full-time job. We all have our own priority list, based on that we are doing our daily stuff, fixing appointments etc. In this era of high-speed communication, we are trying very hard to achieve our dreams, gather money for a better lifestyle and In-general today, we process more task-oriented/job oriented thoughts rather than any other. Between this professional life and family life, the time for family life become lesser and lesser day by day. Somewhere we stop realizing that we are a social animal on the planet earth. 

In our family especially the tiny members they always seek attention from their elders & more or less we all do that on a daily basis. We hate those places or those people who do not entertain us like we expected. People who stop entertaining us, we make an alternative priority list to avoid those persons or events or tasks. Somewhere or somehow we depend on other subject’s attention on us like as they are the parameters of our happiness quotient. If somebody ignored us or wrongly behaves with us we feel bad or we say they feel us bad; now think, the little members of our family who strongly seeks our attention when they don’t get that like they need how they would feel.

When they grow up in an environment of ignorance and busyness where everyone is working on their own priority list social networking sites/application provides a virtual society to everybody. The social animal which is hidden inside of us came out when we saw public groups, group chats, and friends etc. Caring and giving attention is calculated based the likes & comments. And here is no doubt from where we got attention, the priority we got attracted like the young people does ( talking only about youth, current & upcoming generations).


The attraction on a daily basis when becomes an addiction we never know. As the social media applications demolished the barrier of distance but the distance with our dearest or closed ones who genuinely make us happy, who genuinely care for us is increasing every day.


If Curiosity & social activities are the normal affinities then in this working-era where we have lesser time to spend with our dearest ones; children who are growing up, they used to miss their parents, close ones a lot. From this blank space, the term loneliness got introduced into their lives in a very early stage of their life. This, maybe a reason for the numbers of people visiting counselors, psychiatrists are increased day by day.  In this scenario, they finding technology is far better than suffering from loneliness; at least it offers friends, unknown contents and many, through which they can learn and socialize themselves. 

Now, this is the problem, we cannot compromise with our work, our dream and should not. But if we achieve something but no-one is there to appreciate then those achievements becomes meaningless isn’t it. Till we are not busy enough that we are not having a minute for a call, or schedule our priorities to make a call/meeting/friends gathering. I bet the time we spent on social media by scrolling and consuming a lot of things, a little conversation with your dad or with your best friend can offer you much better things, assets of your life.


Life is all about staying happy and makes our closed ones happy which is the reason we are moving fast to achieve our dreams. In everyone’s dreams, you never found that the dream only belongs to a particular person. It’s not the maximum time about me it’s about us. Achieve your goals by being with us.

Make everyone special and be yourself as a special person in someone’s priority list. Stay happy with what you have tried to maximize that don’t focus on what you are not having and trying to bring those things into your life as those are may be meaningless sometimes.

Social media is a part of a modern technology, use it as a part of a communication or as a medium. It has many benefits but remember the famous proverb “Too much everything is bad”.  Aren’t you already consuming it too much??

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