What is Intolerance??

In the era of technology, there is no doubt that social media has a great impact in terms of communication, connectivity with people throughout the globe; not only that it also carries its social impact as well. In the era of social media, some words are there which we can easily find in our surroundings; which are called the buzzwords, some may call it trending topics, hashtags etc. In the last couple of years, the word “Intolerance” has become a part of them. Which signifies many people throughout the globe in social media are talking about & discussing it.

Now, many people have many ideas, views and have their own theory like myself. If you go to a dictionary you will find the meaning of this word as, losing the ability to accept others views/ unwillingness to accept others views and trying to establish your own theory/ lack of tolerance.

If you go through by the definition of this word than you will definitely find that it’s very common; nothing wrong about it. This problem exists even when social media was not born yet. Then, why it’s trending today. Why so much people define themselves on some topics by this word.

What my take on this context is it’s just the outcome. Now, the question will be it is an outcome of what???

The whole story begins with the evolution of technology. Today everything is in our hands, our gadgets become smarter, the accessibility is much easier and faster day by day. The author is not against the technological growth, even the author himself is an active researcher in one of the leading technological trends. But due to today’s speed of communication, access to any service is so fast that we are going to habituate with it day by day; which is also a normal thing. We can say it as, a Consequence.  

Apart from the technology, we have our social & personal lives. A mind which is habituated to access everything very easily within a fraction of seconds, we are losing our patience level day by day. An impatient mind will always try to get everything; I repeat everything in life with a quick action and with a quick move; When a mind fails to do that, it becomes impatient.  They forgot the difference between a service which is delivered by technology and a service delivered by a human being.



In many sectors I found people expect a service or anything whether it’s about emotions, feelings, wrongdoing, right doing everyone expects the result now or within a few moments hardly they convince themselves to wait for a few days.



As jaundice is an outcome of liver malfunction; and doctors start treatment by taking a good care of liver with medicines. Like that Intolerance is an outcome of our impatience. Our patience level can make ourselves capable to tolerate anything which is happening in our surroundings and make ourselves calm; able to make good decisions, able to live a peaceful life easily which we all want.

Exploring the problem domain is important but only exploring the problem domain will make you a part of it.   

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