Without recognition, Every Sacrifice in life becomes a failure

If a relationship is a building then love, respect, sacrifice etc. are the main building blocks. Loving and caring attitude & giving respect to our beloved ones are very necessary for a long lasting happy relationship.

In daily life, things whatever we do is directly or indirectly connected with the path of achieving mental or physical happiness. We all are chasing those things which keep us happy whether it’s about caring someone, working at the office or doing our hobbies.

But like any other things the path towards happiness is not so easy, there are full of hurdles. Hurdles came with different titles, different moods; whether it is a misunderstanding, misinterpretation, changing the priorities of life, annoying qualities of our surroundings etc. we all face difficulties whatever came in the path.

Now, the thing how should we deal with these problems?

Moving towards carrier achievements, relationship hurdles with our nearest & dearest ones are commonly solved by putting themselves into a silent/isolated zone. Many people sacrifice the company of each other for a while to avoid losing peace of mind.

Imagine a girl is in a relationship with a guy who is a musician. Music is his passion, life, everything. And they went for a romantic date to a cottage. The boy composed a beautiful song to dedicate his lady. On the other hand, the girl has no interest in music even she literally hates music. The girl listens to the song & acted as she is impressed very much by the boy’s written song.

To keep her partner happy, to give her boyfriend mental satisfaction she absorbs everything but the boy never comes to know about this thing. On a long time basis if they sacrifice their feelings the process of mental gap creation will start executing. And with respect to time, the relationship just became an adjustment, nothing else.

 A sacrifice of anything to keep your partner, beloved ones, nearest & dearest ones happy is a very good practice to keep a relationship healthy. But not letting them know what annoys you about them will become a great barrier towards your own happiness.

Not only sacrifice but the recognition of the sacrifices is also needed to keep a relation deeper, long lasting & happy.

Maybe they not understand but making a decision before making any effort is meaningless. We need relations to make ourself comfortable & our partners too.

If our sacrifices get the recognition that not only removes the mental gap but also develops our personalities, our behavior as well. Giving respect to the beloved ones enable the path of recognition which leads towards a peaceful joyous life.

Yes, Recognition brings happiness, respect, attachments & most important thing love, to a different level.

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