How does misinterpretation of holy books can change your vision

Regional books have an impact on our lives though we know the meanings of what is written inside or not, we respect the facts and trying to learn from them. These are not just books; these are the assets of mankind, I believe.

Now, interpretation of the divine knowledge which is written inside of the holy books is the more important thing I believe because a believe which is based on some misinterpretation of something may lead to meet destructive effects to our society.

On this note, I want to share a little story of mine……..

Few days back I met a 13 year old boy who is in his 9th standard and apart from the studies (traditional one) he love to culture Shri Bhagwat Gita (a holy book), doing worship of Lord Krishna and the most interesting thing I found during a conversation with him that he does believe in lord more than he believes in himself. Until this note I was okay with this guy because not only I found a boy who has similar interests like me, I found the strong believe which he have that if I do good things only good things going to happen to me, if I do bad then nobody will help from the malicious effects of what I have done; and that’s really a good mindset for a kid and for the society as well.

But, he also reveals that if he faces bad things in his life, if he faces obstacles, failure  he will run away from where he lives currently and take shelter inside the ISKON, Mayapur, West Bengal, India, and he will do chanting Hare Krishna , worship lord, read more holy books which signifies a good life according to him, and he will meet his lord at the end of his life, he will go to haven where all the good treatments he will get and he will never be born in this earth as a human; the most intersersting thing he added is that all these things are written in Bhagbat Gita and told by lord shri Krishna on that book.

obviously, that was the biggest subject of worry to their parents.

From my concern, in every holy book, it was written how to lead a good, stress-free, focused life. And It also teaches how to stay motivated to your work, how do you worship your lord by keep doing & keep focusing more on your own work which is the key mantra of Bhagwat Gita.

This little boy interprets these things by his own in his own dimension and creates his point view of seeing things in real life. Today at this very early age this boy never plays any sport, attendance at his school is very poor and he has no friends in his life. Lord Krishna and Bhagbat Gita is the whole world to that boy; worshiping his lord is the more important task of his every day.

I am not against of culturing holy books from an early age, even if you read and culture religious & mythological views from an early age, you will able to get the moral education which is the most important knowledge, I believe.

Also at the opposite side of the coin, we have a risk of whatever we are learning from any book or anything, it doesn’t matter the book have to  be religious or holy (but a religious/holy book’s misinterpretation has more malefic effects than the others), do our interpretation of that books/ that things are well enough to lead ourselves towards our purpose or are we getting the knowledge what is written inside. As it is. extraction of knowledge as it is from any book is difficult for everybody but misinterpretation of these religious facts can change your life’s point of view.

That is why the great Swami Vivekananda said playing football is much better than reading bhagwat Gita.

I want to suggest do read religious books, mythological books beside of that also discuss with any wise person. Lack of education and misinterpretations can convert a good spiritual message to a disaster one.

Don’t be like this 13 year old boy. Be a nice person & lead good peaceful happy life.

Thank you for reading this article!!!!!!

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