Force – A deadly word of engish dictionary

When I was in my 7th standard I guess, I was first taught about the basic definition of force. Then it was just an attribute of the energy of physical action or movement, not more than else. Then I grow up & like others, I grow up in a society, as we are human beings; and we all know humans are social animal though some people deny it. Well, that definitely none of my business.

Now, in society, the word “force” or “being forced” carries a great meaning. It can change an entire scenario. It may turn people against you within a moment. You never able to realize the power of that word till you never face it.

A few days back, I was standing in a queue to purchase a railway ticket. Suddenly one young guy came running, breaking the queue he goes to the counter and starts quarreling with the very first person in that queue. I was one of the silent observers of the scene. All people were against that guy because he broke the rule which was obvious. Now, suddenly this young guy makes a comment against all the persons who were very much afraid of what the young guy has done. He said “I was forced. I am sorry for what I have done”. “My college seniors were forcing me to do so. As we have some kinds of stuff to do before we catch the train”, he added. Now, the scenario has changed. A couple of seconds back the young guy faces lots hatred suddenly he became a subject of sympathy.

I was not thinking about the scenario because it was a very common scene of Indian society. I am very much habituated about it.

I just wondering how much honesty is there that he was forced. Well, I am a curious person I follow that guy till the train arrives which I was supposed to catch.

First of all, I found a group of friends and there was no college senior on that group. After successfully got all the tickets they were discussing their success rate of that trick of making people fool and the execution of their desired stuff.

Now, this is also a very common incident. But the most uncommon thing which stuck in my mind after observing this scene was the importance of the word being forced.

If a girl involves herself into a physical relation by her own choice and suddenly she said in front of a crowd or our society that she was forced by some guy and she was assaulted physically than a large number of people go with the statement of that girl and the boy faces the hatred of the society.

By this story, I don’t want to stop malfunction of words nor I want to stop playing with people’s emotions by representing things in a wrong way. I just want to say by this short story is that, by representing things in a different way people want to show that they are good, innocent & they are subject to getting sympathy due to their goodness; where good always comes from a clear heart.  And ……………

Choice of wrong words can take wrong people into wrong places. Think twice before you speak. As society belongs to us, we do not belong to the society. Our mindset & thinking need a change.

  Thank you for reading!!!!!

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