Love & Relationship

Relationship the word itself I found very complicated not only because of my personal views but I also got the same opinion when I observe people in my surroundings. Love & Relationship convey a different meaning to different people. If you observe people in real life you found some of them as a very good actor because of the very simple reason they hide who they actually are to their partner. As I say before love & relationship the word itself is very complicated you never know what it actual means. I found a different meaning of love when people in their relationships especially they are in student life they become what their partners really wants or what they like. They lose their own personality for the sake of someone who they love. But still separation, break-up happens. Many people take things in a different manner, but if compromise turns you totally different from what you actually are then that does not love my dear friend. After some time only the term compromise will exist in your life & you found yourself missing from your own life.

Being grow old with someone very special of our life is really very special. Your habits, way of thinking changes with respect to time that is very much normal, I believe. Sometimes your views conflict with your partner’s views; not only your views, your nature, your personality, your attitude, your view of seeing events towards life conflicts with your partner then people starts thinking that maybe their relationship not working or something is missing from their life.

But in the same context if I compare the love & affection as holy as our love towards our family then the term complicated is introduced. You never found any link, maybe you can but whenever we argue with our closest ones, nearest & dearest ones, when the conflict arrives they generally talk to you, spend more time with you & try to make a good decision towards positivity & something constructive.

 But I found, in reality, is totally different. A maximum number of people chooses separation to live happy rather than they can sort out. It may be giving extra priority to our carrier, it may be people hate those people whose views are conflicting all the time because we don’t have time; that is why they reject them or choose to make distance or leave. The word we call Break Up.

In different circumstances, for different people, the cause may change, the point of view may change but this thing always remains same, after a certain amount of time people lose their hope to that person whom once they loved deeply. I genuinely found this very rude.

You have all the rights to choose a better partner to live your life, you may choose wrong, you may do mistakes that are totally alright because you choose them for love, you choose them to make both of you happier & you both want to grow old, make good memories. But after spending a good amount of time (whatever the time span it is) with each other, you just broke up, making distance because the same person is become intolerable to you due to whatever the reason it is.

Try to sort out things, as life is already complicated due tons of things; don’t let your partner becoming complicated because the day when you needed love, support, rather than your family that person was there. Break-up, separation or divorce are not the good decisions. Sweet memories, good moments enable the gateway to happiness in our life. Try to understand why they are not like that what should they were before. Maybe things changes, time changes but a person truly loves someone that priority cannot be changed.

Psychology says love has the highest addiction level. Any narcotic compound/drug cannot stand to the addiction level which love has. In this 21st century may be machined take a lead role, in this era people chat through facebook & WhatsApp but very often they meet & talk with their friends. People start losing their priorities to living human being to the machines.

If you are a social people, If you love someone, before letting your special person of your life go, think that destroying anything is very easy then to create.    

Mental strength is the biggest strength which acts as a backhand tool behind every success story. Love is one of the biggest weapons that can boost up & give you that mental strength to conquer the world.

Enjoy & use this beautiful weapon of your life and remember things which you don’t create you have no rights to destroy them. Lead a happy & peaceful life and make our society, our country peaceful.