Thinking is such thing which more or less we all do daily whatever the purpose may that is. In our social life, it also takes an important role.In terms of to lead happy life/ successful life, I believe that the primary step is thinking.
Scientists build high technologies but in the very first step they do not start to build that technology, at first they think first, then as per the feasibility of thinking they start working on it.
There are many scenarios in our life where for the same type of things we do, we take decisions, some decisions are very vital in terms of that they can change our whole life.
But if we lack realistic thinking, if we do not think with respect to the real world or real life than thinking or planning don’t pass the feasibility check in the context of the real world. That’s why many people suffer, they face failure, loosing of focus & dedication. These terms are often coming to your life if your plans do not pass the feasibility test; in other words, if your plans are unrealistic with respect to the real life scenarios then you may face difficulties.
I observe many people who want to do a full-time job with their academics though they do not belong to any financially weak family. You may consider it’s one example of unrealistic thinking. Due to this you not able to focus or able to do any of them efficiently.
Remember life is such mirror which takes time to reflect what you have done.
If anyone want to do anything or want to achieve anything, before doing any work just ask 3 questions to yourself
1.what  you are going to do??
2. What are the future prospectives of the work ??
3. why you need to do the work at that moment of time???
Just answer simply this 3 questions to yourself this will automatically help you to do right things with a better approach that I believe.
Be optimistic as it’s a struggle to survive, its a “Struggle for existence”. keep trying to take good decisions, to work efficiently & achieve your goals early and behind of every good decision, there is a perfect way of thinking always works.  don’t waste your time as time is petrol of your life that’s what I always mention in my blogs.
Think well, plan well, identify & set your goals & work hard to achieve that. If you think well, I believe you will able to set your goals & able to achieve that easily.
A good thought can take you to the highest mountains of success.

–From the desk of Rakim
Thank you for reading this article!!!!!