We all have our own goals, aims in our life. We all discuss them, set them; with respect to time & age they change but still, they remains till the last breath of our life, not only because of hope, also for our need. We live in a family, belong from a society which gives such a beautiful platform for hope, desire, and happiness that brings our objectives, goals, aims whatever you say to our life. We all work hard, invest time, and sacrifice a lot to full fill them.

Now, behind every achievement & success, there are many things act as a parameter for them. Among of them one of the most important one is the dedication level towards any work. Life throws many difficulties in front of you on the way of your achievement; your dedication level is the only thing that boosts you mentally, gives you the strength to fight with the obstacles & to get the sweeter test of your goal.

Many people saw dreams, set their goals and not able to take a single step or after taking a few steps they became hopeless and they change their direction but this is not the way of achievement. Achievers create their own rules, own paths to avail their dreams.  Those people who did this they are lacking their dedication level or they lose their hope by the hardness & toughness of the road but that is not the end. Those people who achieve their dreams, their goals and convert their dream into reality their dedication level towards their aim consistently boosts up. The sun is always surrounded by clouds, don’t afraid of them. You may face difficulty, lose, unhappiness because very few people will support you in your tough time; the taste of your objective will blur all these things. Your work can give you the ultimate happiness of your life; nobody can give you a better satisfaction when you do something by your own. Try it, if I say wrong.

Mental strength is the only strength that makes human the most powerful creature in the world. Human controls an elephant, a tiger which is more powerful than the human but we achieve that. If you work with your full devotion you will definitely find your way.  As,“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” – APJ Abdul Kalam.


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