Preferences of Life-Need a Change

Parent plays a very vital role in every one’s life. The first environment which we get in our life starts with this two people. They teach us a lot which may help us to survive in our future life. They shares their personal experiences just like what our college’s seniors do for us but they are not comparable to that two persons but in this context, I just compare this.

But in our life after a certain stage many of us among youths especially I noticed that they do less respect or less preference of their life they simply give it to others just like friends, girlfriends, boyfriends etc.  But these relationships like friends or something like the others, do not stay for your whole life or does not have a good special effect on your life but there exists exceptions that’s a different matter in this context, in the maximum number of cases youths waste their valuable time, effort, stamina to this & it is not going to last very long, it just stays for a couple of years after that everything going to be blank. Those friends are not with you who are there in the last couple of years.

After this realization, you come back to your home and those parents again who are neglected by you by several years are always there to support you for your betterment and a bright future. Only parents can do these things, I believe.

Respect your parents; they are the only true friends of your life. No-one will come in front to support you in your toughest time of your life which your mom & dad/parents/guardians do. Everywhere you can realize that only that two persons are the only one who can understand you & keep faith in you though how bad student you are or how much dirty is your past tracks, no boyfriend or girlfriend or any other will do for you like that. Change your life’s preferences. It can change your life. We are not the celebrities; we have with us only our closest one’s blessings. Only parents can give us blessings from the inner core of their heart that I think & strongly believe.

Realize this truth in your early age, do not waste your time, every day judge yourself, what are you doing?? , Why are you doing?? , What are you looking for?? , Answer these three simple questions to yourself before you doing anything. self-realization is the biggest thing. If anyone can do this at an early age (because in this era who realize early they will suffer from fewer difficulties from my point of view) he/she will be definitely got success, a good lifestyle, nice philosophy and a better future in his/her work.

Not only this, we can also gift our society a very good, sensitive & responsible youth who can change the face of today’s society as well as our nation.

Self-confidence and blessings from the true heart, are the biggest things which work behind of any kind of achievements. Stay Blessed!!!!!!

                                                                                            –From the desk of Raktim