Whenever we look forward in our life, generally we are facing some common questions from our circumstances or I can say our society i.e. what is the future/ shall I able to succeed/ is this could help for my establishment/ is this could make ourselves financially independent etc.

Writing about this, I don’t think these questions  really matter to me or any others life in Indian society. From my side which really matters is time.

There is no difference between a successful & unsuccessful, a rich & poor, a well-established person or nobody and the reason behind that is we all have 24 hrs. a day. The only single thing which matters to everyone is the utilization of time which makes these terms & creates differences in our society.

Though it is the most difficult but this can lead you towards your goal I believe.  

There is a proverb called ‘Money is the petrol of life’; I don’t think so. The thing what I really believe is not the money; time is the actual petrol of our life. In which way you utilize your time you will definitely be directed on that way. If you invest your time for earn money you will, if you invest for education, more or less you will definitely get that.

So, before money, there is the only one thing which we all have i.e. Time.

So, there might be no mistake if I say Time is the petrol of our life.